DC: 24-48V

Uninterruptible Power Supply - DC

We design and manufacture tailored reliable power supply for 24V and 48V DC systems with high availability and efficiency.

Smart modular solutions provide capacity

Our solutions are built around the Eaton Access Solution (APS), a modular charging system which is mounted in a stand, wall cabinet, or floor cabinet. The system consists of 1-12 rectifier modules and a system monitoring module installed in a 19" rack. The use of parallel-connected rectifiers allows for N+1 redundancy for increased operational reliability. The rectifier modules can be changed while the system is running without requiring any parameter changes.

The system is straightforward to operate due to a vivid color display and simple menus. Parameters for optimizing battery charge can be set in the control unit. Other advantages include temperature correction of the charging voltage and battery protection against deep discharge.

Monitoring via Ethernet and SNMP agent

The control unit monitors the system and connects it to the superior system via Ethernet interface and SNMP agent, Modbus-TCP, or the built-in web server. Potential-free connections can also be used to obtain alarm signals.
The system is highly efficient, in part due to what is known as load-based rectifier shutdown LBRS, which implies that parallel-connected rectifiers are gradually disconnected if the load is low. Additionally, the system can be improved for use with diesel power plants.

The ability to combine different sizes of charging units allows for a reduction in the quantity of spare parts. Our unique battery voltage equalizer ABC2 is utilized to prolong the life of the batteries.
ABC2 ensures that each individual block gets the right charging voltage.
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