Planning that starts correctly

We launch your standby power generator.

Planning and project management are critical components in the establishment of a backup power generator. The structure for what is going to be generated, what security requirements exist, and what the ultimate solution must deliver is set here. We have over 50 years of experience in backup power and power supply solutions and are now ready to assist you.

What is skilled engineering?

Project planning includes not only observing the project's many processes and flows, but also obtaining a correct and accurate picture of what is to be planned, made, and delivered. In this situation, the demand, dimensioning of the facility, and the ability to perceive both dangers and ideas in the project are critical to the project's success. We have both mechanics with project management experience and electrical engineers and service technicians that understand the importance of establishing the right requirements from the start. You gain wide experience through a number of tasks in a variety of industries, where the demands for high security, stability, and the capacity to produce despite external influences are great. This means that you will get all of the parts required to establish good and effective frameworks for your project.

A partner in requirements and procurement

When it comes to full solutions for backup power plants, having a support system and collecting proper feedback from the start is critical. Aiab is an experienced procurer who can assist you with claims against subcontractors as well as with planning a procurement including the purchase of services for an already existing backup power plant. Especially if you have a facility that needs to be upgraded in terms of power and dimensioning due to a change in demand. You can always obtain advice and helpful ideas from us. It will be easier to move forward when as many questions as possible are asked at the beginning of the process. Simply put, you will receive a better final product.

Download planning instructions from MSB

Projecting instructions Reserve power is an MSB project manual that addresses the framework agreements that apply when designing reserve power systems for facilities within the authority's jurisdiction, as well as part of an effort to obtain uniform and dependable quality-assured reserve power solutions that work both during crises and in everyday life.

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