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Backup power solutions since 1970

When you choose us, you get over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, commissioning and maintaining tailored solutions for backup power and secure electricity supply. The supply of electricity is an increasingly important issue in society and the business world. With us, you will find a specialist in solutions with high impact, power, requirements and safety ratings.

Aiab begins with Lennart Asklund

Aiab was founded by Lennart Asklund - which is where the company name comes from. Aiab energy was founded in 1970 when Lennart Asklund went from carrying out services and various maintenance of backup power plants, to developing his own solutions. With complete client-tailored solutions, the idea was to provide clients with efficient facilities - and facilities that are fully operable with regular systems. The goal was to achieve a seamless transition during a power outage, during which the work was about understanding needs and finding ways to adapt whilst providing the right backup power and power supply. This is what still drives the company today, and with the future’s high demands of electricity, we believe that adaptation and logical solutions will be expected. The foundation for us is always developing, manufacturing, and delivering solutions that meet the requirements for today and the future.

Aiab is a local and innovative company

Aiab offers solutions with unit sizes ranging from 10-2000 kW h. We develop and manufacture in our premises in Timrå, where all equipment is also tested in an EMC measurement lab. From the very beginning, Aiab has been a company that offers in-house development and in-house manufacturing of products and solutions. Through innovation and purposeful quality development, we specialize in the design and manufacture of solutions that have a high safety ratings. Some of our clients are MSB, LKAB, Vattenfall, Fortifikationsverket and SL. This means that whoever chooses us has a partner with the knowledge and competence to deliver solutions that meet high power requirements, and understands what strong environmental impact means as well as the impact of external factors on the power supply. Additionally, we have broad knowledge of the various needs that a backup power solution must be able to provide.

Aiab provides complete solutions from start to finish

Aiab only provides entire client-tailored power supply solutions, which include specialized equipment as well as development, building, and manufacture, on-site assembly, commissioning, training, and field support. Our solution is directed by your needs. You can sign a service agreement under which we will test your facility annually and conduct the operation once a month. When you have ongoing maintenance, you can also avoid unnecessary repairs, and you can always feel safe knowing that if anything goes wrong, your backup power solution will take over and operate your business until the acute power outage is resolved.

Does your company have a backup power solution in the event of a long-term power outage?

Call us at +46 60-57 03 90 or send us an e-mail to info@aiab.se , and we will tell you why it is a great investment. ​​​