Construction that creates the desired effect

The right construction provides an effective solution

We specialize in one-of-a-kind solutions and strict safety regulations.
With electrical designers, mechanical designers, mechanics, and service technicians who are experts in their fields and have access to cutting-edge technology, you obtain a design that provides a backup power plant for future challenges.

Craftsmanship, technology and innovation

The foundation of all construction is an understanding of your production and power supply needs, as well as a thorough risk assessment and understanding the ramifications of a possible interruption. As a result, the requirement for backup power becomes evident, and your backup power plant can be properly dimensioned to suit today's needs while also having room to adapt to the future. With us, you have electrical designers, mechanics, and technicians who understand the craft and have experience in solving particular needs where the environment, safety class, and external influence are all significant factors to consider. This means you gain the ability, understanding, and willingness to comprehend risks, needs, and production from the ground up. A backup power plant is a structure that has to function constantly and serve as reliable insurance in your organization. It requires a long-lasting foundation and dimensions that provide you with reliable electricity, which is the job of construction.

Construction according to the right standard

Clients who work in high security levels and with sensitive data have a depth of knowledge regarding what is necessary in various roles. Aiab always works and delivers in compliance with current regulations, such as the Machinery Directive, CE marking, the RoHS directive, REACH, and the EU's electrical installation directives. This means you can remain confident that the documentation, blueprints, and specifications are proper before the project begins production.

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