Training that has a significant impact

The foundation of safe handling is safety knowledge.

Invest in facility knowledge and ensure that all operating personnel understand how all parts work, both in normal mode and in the case of an emergency. It one of the most critical kinds of insurance you can offer your facility.

Ensure that your operating staff are trained

Through Aiab, you can always receive tailored training on monitoring, maintenance and management of your facility. This implies that the individuals in charge of the operation are not only up to speed on how the plant operates, but they can also do more precise risk assessments and evaluations when parts or flows in the system need to be changed for any reason. For industries with greater sensitivity and security measures, it might be a good idea to train not just personnel within the business, but also others who step in as backup when regular staff are unavailable for any reasons. Knowledge is power, and taking the effort to ensure that the right staff are properly trained and understand how all aspects of the facility work can pay off in the long run.

What knowledge does your team need?

We design a training course that includes both practical and theoretical knowledge based on the structure of your backup generators and the level of competence required by your operating crew. You can visit our Timr manufacturing facility and watch the construction of a backup power plant from start to finish or you can see how our electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test environment works and which tests are carried out before a plant is delivered. We always offer training on the facilities that are manufactured and delivered by us, but if you happen to have an existing facility from a different supplier, we can still help you. If you are about to start construction on the procurement and ordering of a backup power plant, it is a wise decision to invest in a brief preparatory training in what technologies are available, what is the latest on the market, and how it might affect the needs of your new facility. You always have the option to seek Aiab's assistance with developing skills here as well. Ask a question today, and we will reply with a proposal shortly.

Proper training is part of a safe backup power plant.

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