Direct Current equipment with sufficient power

Build a custom DC system

Aiab energy allows you to build strong direct current and direct current systems with high efficiency and availability. Companies can acquire a power supply that is completely tailored to capacity with the help of complete modules, whether it is illumination for a runway or an internal communication system.

Flexible modular system with capacity

Our solutions are built around the Eaton Access Solution (APS), a modular charging system which is mounted in a stand, wall cabinet, or floor cabinet. Up to 12 parallel drawing modules can be combined to form a comprehensive system when combined with monitoring. The use of parallel-connected rectifiers allows for N+1 redundancy, which implies that even if a component fails, the system remains operational. This improves both reliability and safety. The system is user-friendly, with a clean layout and simple menus, and security is strong due to regular monitoring. Depending on your company's demands, there are several options for alarms and alert indications.

Rectifiers, depot chargers, and a wide range of powerful battery options

You have the equipment your system requires when you work with AIab energy. Here are rectifiers that can handle 24 VDC, allowing you to use them as a voltage generator or in parallel with batteries for uninterruptible power supply. Charging is automatic and can be adjusted to constant voltage charging, constant voltage charging with equalization charging, or periodic charging, depending on your preferences. A reliable depot charger reduces the likelihood of battery discharge while also providing clear indications if a battery is incorrectly connected or does not have the correct charging capacity. We ensure that each block of batteries has the correct voltage at all times by using a block voltage equaliser, which improves battery life and lifetime. This means you get a direct current system that keeps its capacity for a long time. Aiab energy's direct current solutions are designed to each customer's particular demands, and no matter what system your business requires, you get assistance in designing a smart and safe solution. Start by contacting us, and we will design power supply and backup power systems on which you can always rely.

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24 - 48VDC
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rectifier AL 3010
​​​​​​​Depot Charger 12-24
​​​​​​​​Block Voltage Equalizer ABC2 C&D Technologies