Power plant for safety and capacity

Power plant for safe power supply

An important part of a working backup power solution is a stable and efficient power plant that intervenes in the event of an interruption or voltage drop and takes over the power supply. You can choose a stationary or fully automatic power plant, or build according to the MEX modular system. For those who have high demands on capacity, take a closer look at our HES solutions. Regardless, Aiab can help you design a solution that is completely tailored to your requirements.

Power plant with capacity ranging from 10-2000kVA

A stationary power plant can provide your facilities with capacity ranging from 10-2000 kVA, depending on the need. You get a robust battery pack as well as the option of surveillance and alarms. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, reusing excess heat, parallel batteries with monitoring, lightning protection, earth fault protection, and EMP protection as needed. In other words, there are a variety of features that allow you to find a solution that can meet high demands while also offering a backup power solution on which you can always rely.

Fully automatic power plant when space is limited

A completely autonomous power plant as backup is an effective choice for businesses who wish to guarantee their power supply regardless of the situation but have limited space. You have well-measured security since the system is built on two parallel start and control batteries, each of which has enough capacity to act as the power plant's battery. A voltage monitor is also installed to monitor the consistency of the cell voltages of the series-connected batteries. There are also a variety of alternatives available here, such as with or without EMP protection. All control is done through a PLC and a flexible operator panel.

The MEX modular system allows flexibility.

MEX is a flexible modular system with two different effects. The system can be utilized as a primary power supply system as well as a backup system. The system includes everything you could possibly need, from aggregates to monitoring, and it does it without the requirement of an external switchgear container. If you combine two MEX 150, you can acquire a system with a capacity of up to 300kVA, but you can also build a redundant function. It all depends on your requirements and specifications.

When you need as much power as a task force

Your company can always ensure sufficient reserve power with the help of Aiab. A HES system offers a very large capacity power supply system in which numerous power plant containers can be linked together to provide as much power as a task force needs. The modular system is based on power plant modules and switchgear modules in the form of containers, with all containers manufactured to sea class standards. HES 500 is made up of five power plant modules and one switchgear module, whereas HES 300 can run up to six power plant containers at 1.8 MVA. In this case, HEX 300 is also an option. The system is completely autonomous and regulates power production based on load. All of these are international systems that can be easily transported by car, plane, boat, or rail.
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