AC 1-phase 230V 3 phase 400V

Reliable Power Supply (AC)

We manufacture tailored reliable power for 1-phase and 3-phase AC systems.

UPS model customization in your application

Our solutions are primarily based on Eaton's double conversion UPS models 9155, 9355, and 9390, which have been tailored to the client's specific requirements, ranging from simple to complex systems. The solutions are distinguished by their high efficiency and availability.

Eaton's series 9 models provide protection against all sorts of power grid interference, including:
  • Power failure
  • Short-term over- and under-voltage
  • Prolonged over- and under-voltage
  • Voltage transients
  • High frequency interference
  • Frequency variations
  • Overtones

Function and capacity are tailored to your requirements

We provide UPS system planning and customization to fit the demands of our clients for functions such as:
  • Capacity / Operating time
  • Enclosure classes
  • Mobile systems / Container solutions
  • External bypass coupling
  • Load distribution
  • Adaptation for use in conjunction with diesel engines
  • Interaction with monitoring systems
  • We also offer assembly and commissioning of the equipment as well as service contracts
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