Block voltage equalizer ABC2

It has long been recognized that the charging voltage is critical for the battery's longevity and capacity.

With ABC2, each individual block is guaranteed to have the completely accurate charging voltage, extending the overall battery's lifespan. This also improves the overall operating reliability of the battery facility. The ABC2 block voltage equalizer guarantees that each battery in a series-connected chain receives the correct charging voltage, resulting in a longer service life.

ABC2 has the following advantages:
  • Increases battery life
  • Can be utilized with block voltages ranging from 4 to 12V.
  • High balancing current
  • Voltage regulation that is precise
  • Battery has a high level of durability.
  • Improves operational reliability
ABC2 also allows users to replace a faulty battery in an existing battery bank without having to replace the entire bank, which can save users a lot of money in new investments.


The units come with a complete assembly kit that includes connectors for the battery poles and cables. Two battery blocks can be handled by an ABC2. When numerous blocks are connected in series, one ABC2 is needed less than the number of blocks.

Type list

Type: ABC2
Article number: 50-A528 Block
voltage (VDC): 4 - 12
Max equalization current (ADC): 1.0
Dimensions W/H/D (mm): 105/72/38
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