Process flow

Project management

Project planning and administration are critical components of the work involved in the construction of a backup power plant. The framework for what is to be manufactured, what security needs exist, and what the overall solution must deliver is established here. We have over 50 years of experience in backup power and power supply solutions and are now ready to assist you.


We specialize in one-of-a-kind solutions and stringent safety regulations. With electrical engineers, mechanics, and service technicians that knows the trade and have access to cutting-edge technologies, you have a design that incorporates a backup power supply in case of future issues.


When choosing a backup system, go with modern and Swedish manufacture. Engineers, mechanics, technicians, and assemblers at Aiab can construct aggregates, UPS systems, and power plants that will survive for decades. Furthermore, we always offer a warranty on our products.


Installation is the first step in getting your backup power plant up and running. With us, you have assistance with transportation and on-site assembly that is completely tailored to your company's requirements.


The commissioning process includes delivery and proof. You receive assistance in testing your backup power plant prior to starting, and we ensure that it is linked with your regular system exactly as expected and planned.


Invest in awareness of your facility and ensure that the operating personnel understand how all parts work, both in standard mode and if an emergency would arise. It is one of the most critical types of insurance you can provide for your facility.

Service & Maintenance

Provide care, service, and maintenance for your facility. Regular service does not only provide security and safety in operation, but it also saves money and worries.