Compact DS 25-125kVA

A complete fully automatic power plant

A complete fully automatic power plant
  • CE marked
  • EMP protected
  • Parallel batteries with voltage monitoring and block voltage equalizer
  • Fully automatic control and monitoring equipment
  • Operator
  • voltage 24 VDC
  • Integrated fuel tank of 700 l
A fully autonomous backup power generator that is designed to be easily and readily installed in confined spaces. Both with or without an EMP design. The instrument cabinet is covered with a separate enclosure in the EMP version.
The backup power plant is equipped with 2 parallel start and control batteries where each individual unit has sufficient capacity to act as the power plant's battery. Additionally, block voltage equalisers and a voltage monitor are added to make sure that each battery in a series-connected chain is receiving the correct charging voltage. The voltage monitor checks the consistency of the cell voltages of the batteries that are connected in series.

The diesel engine is a modern industrial engine with great spare parts maintenance. The generator has a permanent magnet and three-phase RMS voltage regulator.

All the tools required for managing and keeping an eye on the power plant are stored in the instrument cabinet. The control system connects the consumer to the mains power supply, but in the event of a power outage or if the voltages rise or fall beyond the specified ranges, the generator starts and bears full responsibility for the load.
All control is handled by a PLC which consists of a basic module and a communication module with a control voltage of 24VDC. An operator panel is connected to the PLC.

In the operator panel, the power plant's operating data and alarms can be read out in plain text. The alarms are divided into A-alarm blocking and B-alarm indicating. From the operator panel, maneuvers can also be performed such as -operating mode change auto/start test, -uninterrupted reserve power test, -simulated mains failure and alarm reset. The unit can also be run in parallel with the grid for testing or alternatively to obtain output-controlled peak power.
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