Manufacturing the backup power of the future

Swedish development and manufacturing for 50 years

When it comes to backup power systems, pick modern and Swedish manufacturing. Designers, mechanics, technicians, and assemblers at Aiab can construct aggregates, UPS systems, and power plants that will last for decades. Furthermore, we always offer a warranty on our products.

Protection of backup power plants

The issue of backup generators is about protecting your production and your organization in the event of an outage or a prolonged disruption in the power supply. Today's civilization is almost entirely reliant on a constant power source, but many businesses still have a very limited backup power capacity. Since 1970, Aiab has worked with the construction of reserve units and comprehensive solutions for backup power plants, following the evolution of society's need for energy as well as innovative and safe solutions. The production of backup power and direct current plants requires competence in the factors that contribute to stability, efficient energy usage, and strict safety regulations.

Regardless of capacity, we can build your backup power plant

Prior to starting any project, a thorough planning and requirements statement is produced to determine your company's power, safety, and monitoring needs. The in-house manufacturing in Timrå ensures strategic cooperation between preliminary work and actual manufacturing and assembly, ensuring both efficient operation as well as follow-up and the possibility of adjustment all throughout project. It assures production safety and ensures that the final outcome matches the actual backup power needs that exists. Whether you require a UPS system, the volume of the generator, or power in aggregates, our manufacturing can design and materialize a solution that fits your needs.

Innovation, competence, and support with innovative ideas

Since its founding in 1970, Aiab has been driven by the desire to solve issues and the goal to combine innovation with stability and efficiency. With us, you have a solution that is entirely tailored to your needs, and our experience from many and long assignments in the mining industry, public organizations, authorities, and the chemical industry, to name a few, allows us to meet the vast majority of requirements while also ensuring that the solution is safe and reliable in the end. You are always welcome to come to Torpgatan 2 in Timrå to meet our mechanics, designers, and electricians, and to watch the manufacturing process in action.

Do you want to know more about how you can access reliable backup power through us? 

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