Commissioning with everything in the right place

Safe start provides a safe power supply

Commissioning includes delivery and proof. We assist you in testing your backup generators prior to commencement, and we ensure that it is integrated with your regular system exactly as expected and planned.

Many steps are involved in commissioning

A successful launch is safe and straightforward, with no questions left unanswered and no unanticipated needs posed. The final result is determined by all steps leading up to completion, and Aiab has extensive experience and profound expertise in backup power plants with high safety regulations that must tolerate harsh environments. We know how critical it is to deal with hazards, risk assessment, and needs analysis in the right phase of the project, and also throughout the project, because we have clients in the mining sector, the chemical industry, and hydropower companies. Thus commissioning will go as smoothly as it should.

Once everything is secured, the procedure begins.

When your equipment is delivered, you can be confident that it is fully integrated into your present structure and that every part of the system has been tested, both with us in a testing environment and on-site at your facility, in what is known as a verification environment. This means you can be certain that the commissioning process will be safe, secure, and smooth. Throughout the commissioning process, you and your staff will get updates and reports so that you and your staff can follow the process at all stages and confirm that the facility meets the requirements that were set at the time of planning and the start of the project. With extensive experience with clients where high safety class makes specific expectations, not only on what the facility should be capable of achieving, but also on the importance of safe commissioning, this is a process that requires accuracy and preparation.

Personnel commissioning and training

During commissioning, your staff will have the opportunity to learn about the system, monitor signs and alerts, and test drive systems. This is to familiarize oneself with it, while it is also advised that backup generators should be tested once a month. We designed the training collaboratively to meet the existing knowledge levels. During commissioning, it will also be possible to evaluate safety procedures, put them to the test, and identify what maintenance needs the facility may well have. There's always the option of signing a tailored service agreement through Aiab.

Get a process flow that suits your company's needs!

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