HES 300 - High Efficiency Power Supply System

The HES 300 system is a modular power plant system that can be used as either a primary power supply or a fully automatic standby supply.

Flexible power supply

Each power plant container can produce 300 kVA and by connecting up to six power plant containers together, the system can produce up to 1.8 MVA, which covers most needs.

Fully automatic operation

The HES 300 system manages electricity production automatically based on load. In the event of a power outage, all power plant containers are automatically activated to provide high starting power, and production is then adjusted to the actual demand by shutting down power plants that are no longer needed. The HES 300 system can be paired with the HEX 300, allowing for power adaptation in 150kVA increments. The load can be split between power plant containers and the local grid. Remote monitoring is possible through LAN or Internet, and alarms and error notifications are sent via SMS. The system can be fed with fuel from an external 19,000-litre tank module for continuous operation over longer periods of time.

Designed for high demands

HES is designed to provide electricity to a global response battalion. To be used globally, all components of the system can be transportable by car, rail, ship, and plane. All containers are manufactured to meet marine-class specifications.

Remote monitoring/control:

Alerts and error messages: SMS via GSM-network
Cimate: -40°C to +40°C
EMC: Tested according to MIL-STD 461E
Transport: Car, train, ship or plane
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